Eibach KB-Spec Coil-Over Kit for 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302, and GT500

Eibach KB-Spec Coil-Over Kit for 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302, and GT500
Eibach KB-Spec Coil-Over Kit for 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302, and GT500Kenny Brown Designed Eibach Coil Over Kit for 2005-2014 Mng, Boss 302, and GT500
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Weight: 63 lb.
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2015-2018 Mustang, GT350

JRZ Shocks and Struts

Street And Track Performance

"Just Released" 

Kenny Brown New Triple Pass Radiator 


Kenny Brown Designed Eibach Coil Over Kit for 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302, and GT500

Kenny's Own Custom Valving and Springs Designed Just For his AGS 4.0 Advanced Geometry Suspension System

  • Street ride quality with racing performance
  • Non-adjustable Eibach Pro-Street Dampers
  • Easy Ride-Height/Corner Weight Adjustability
  • Designed for Maximum Street and Track Performance
  • KB spec. spring rates for your use
  • Stainless Steel Technology for longer life
  • Legendary Kenny Brown Suspension Quality and Tuning
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Designed for use with higher-rate springs

In all the years I have been building Mustangs I have developed my own set of specifications for making them handle and feel good to drive.  From racing we learned that the more spring rate we put into the cars, the better they turn and handle.  The same applies to the street, for years I have been running much higher spring rates in my street performance cars than anyone else in the aftermarket.

Now before you say you heard that higher spring rates mean rougher ride; let me put this into perspective.  The job of the spring is to support the car whether riding down the street or driving around a corner the job is the same.  The more the spring rate the less the car wants to roll going around a turn which means that you can go around the corner faster.  

The job of the shock is to dampen, which is why shock absorbers are often referred to as dampers, opposing the forces of the spring and the mass of the car.  The higher the spring rate, the better dampening you need for control.  Ride quality is a function of the shock valving, bad or worn out shock valving equals bad ride and handling characteristics, good shock valving equals good ride quality and good handling, even with higher rate springs.  The high quality of these shocks and the valving inside are equivalent to alternative shocks costing a lot more.

Eibach has gotten it right in this new package they build for me – higher rate sport springs and great shock dampening equals great handling, great ride quality and a great value.  Plus the New Kenny Brown Street/Sport spring and shock package is fully track capable for those who want to really feel and enjoy the performance of their cars at a track day.   

The shocks are all preset to my specs so there is no adjustment required, except for ride height.  This is not an off-the-shelf product from Eibach as they build them to order for me, so they are only available through Kenny Brown Performance.

KB-Eibach-Level-1 Fits 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302, and GT500

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